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MY FREIND BLASHE Season 1 filming continues! Episode #3 "Peaches" will be released to the public on this site on Wed. April 9, 2014 at 7:00 PM EST. Episode #4 "Therapy" will be released in May, 2014. Filming for Episode #5 "The Golf Outing" begins in May, 2014 and the Season Finale Episode #6 "Tranny" films in June, 2014. Thank you for your continued support! We hope you conitue to watch, share and enjoy!

Episode #3 "Peaches"
Bloopers from Episode #3
Episode #2 "Double Date"
Bloopers from Episode #2
Episode #1 "The Visit" (PILOT)
Bloopers from Episode #1 "The Visit"


"My Friend Blashe" is a new comedy series co-written by T. George McArdle and Bentley Potter. It is based on the characters from the short film "The Defensive Unoriginal Dude."

This is a story about two guys who grew up together; Denny Brown and Blashe Richter. Blashe is hard to take for most people as he is usually inappropriate, awkward and a little over the top. Denny and his sister Pam are not only the two who "get" Blashe, but they tolerate his tendencies because he has been around since they were just kids. Blashe is a single child to single father Simon Richter. Simon is a bit over protective and elaborate so it doesn't take long to see that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Denny's girlfriend Jill doesn't get it. She feels it's time to cut ties with Blashe and has had just about enough of his antics. Sal is a close friend of Denny's and he is pretty indifferent about Blashe. For the most part, whichever side he is in the mood to fall; he falls.

The idea came about when the two writers who had been working on a dark comedy hit a block.  To divert from that script idea for a while they began coming up with an idea about two close friends:  Blashe Richter and Denny Brown.  The character idea led them to a twfto minute short film called "The Defensive Unoriginal Dude" and they decided to portray the two characters themselves in the film.  After releasing the short in January, 2013, the two began to expand the idea into a comedy series.  Director/co-writer T. George McArdle said “We actually got a lot of positive feedback from the short and people liked the characters (as did we) so we took it to the next level.” As the writing began, McArdle and Potter felt they were on to something big.
Since releasing the series website through social media on August 1, 2013, they have received a lot of interest in the comedy.  When asked about what happens now, McArdle said, “The pilot is written, revised, cast and ready to shoot on 8/10/13.  The plan is to film the pilot, edit it and release it as soon as possible so we can create a buzz.  From there, if people like it, we shoot the remainder of the first season of the series.  We’re very excited about this project and are hoping for big things."

The first episode (pilot) is entitled “THE VISIT” and introduces four of the main characters:  Blashe Richter (Bentley Potter), Denny Brown (T. George McArdle), Jill Martin (Summer Corrie) and Simon Richter (Guy Seligman).  Future episodes will include actors Frankie Witskowski, Grace Baldelli, Tom Tierney and Andrew Austin.  In the first episode, Blashe unexpectedly pops in on Denny and his girlfriend Jill who are just relaxing watching a movie.  A nuisance to Jill, but a life-long friend to Denny, Blashe finds his way in and causes complete chaos. The second episode follows with Denny and Jill going on a "Double Date" with Blashe and new girl Mindy to a restaurant where waiter Herman Dunbar is introduced. Episode #tgm3 centers around "Peaches" and #4 introduces Denny's therapist. The last two episodes of the first season are "Golf" and "The Tranny" and plan to be released by summer of 2014.

When asked about his perspective on the main character as well as the series itself, co-writer Bentley Potter said:  "I think that many people will be able to relate to being in Denny's shoes.  Everyone knows someone like Blashe.  Blashe is a good guy, he really is.  He just doesn't know about boundaries.  He doesn't realize that he is imposing more times than not.  Denny does his best to try and remain compassionate towards his life-long friend, Blashe, but as time goes on, this friendship gets tested and tested often."

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Lead Bentley Potter co-wrote this series with filmmaker T. George McArdle and they both act in the series.

Lead female Jill Martin is played by Summer Corrie who was also the lead in T.George McArdle's 2008 Psychological Thriller "SPIN SLOWLY."

Actor Frankie Witkowski also appeared in the original comedy short "THE DEFENSIVE UNORIGINAL DUDE" as Sal.

Most of the cast can be found under their name on

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